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Couchbase on AWS

Mobile-ready NoSQL database built for enterprise performance at scale

This Quick Start sets up an AWS architecture for the Couchbase Data Platform and deploys these products into your AWS account in about 10 minutes.

Designed to power engaging mobile, IoT, and web applications, the enterprise-class Couchbase Data Platform includes Couchbase Server and Couchbase Mobile. Couchbase Server is a cloud-native, NoSQL database designed with a distributed architecture for performance, scalability, and availability. It enables developers to build applications by leveraging the power of SQL with the flexibility of JSON. Couchbase Mobile includes a fully integrated embedded database, built-in security, and real-time automated sync with the highly scalable Couchbase server.

The Quick Start deploys Couchbase into a new or existing infrastructure in your AWS account. It uses Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) from AWS Marketplace, and provides two subscription options: Bring Your Own License (BYOL) or hourly pricing. The deployment is automated by AWS CloudFormation templates that you can customize during launch.

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This Quick Start was developed by Couchbase and ClearScale in collaboration with AWS.

  •  What you'll build
  •  How to deploy
  •  Cost and licenses
  •  What you'll build
  • Use this Quick Start to automatically set up the following Couchbase environment on AWS:

    • A virtual private cloud (VPC) configured across two or more Availability Zones, with a public subnet in each zone. You can choose two, three, or four Availability Zones for your deployment.*
    • An internet gateway to allow access to the internet.*
    • Managed NAT gateways to allow outbound internet access for Couchbase instances.*
    • An IAM role with fine-grained permissions to manage access to AWS services, and security groups to restrict access to only necessary protocols and ports.
    • Auto Scaling groups and launch configurations for Couchbase Server and Couchbase Sync Gateway. By default, the Quick Start deploys four Couchbase Server instances and two Couchbase Sync Gateway instances. If you want to provision more instances, you can change these defaults during deployment.
    • Elastic Load Balancing integrated with Auto Scaling, for load balancing across the servers.

    * The template that deploys the Quick Start into an existing VPC skips the tasks marked by asterisks and prompts you for your existing VPC configuration.

  •  How to deploy
  • To build your Couchbase environment on AWS, follow the instructions in the deployment guide. The deployment process includes these steps:

    1. If you don't already have an AWS account, sign up at
    2. Subscribe to the Couchbase Enterprise Edition AMIs in AWS Marketplace.
    3. Launch the Quick Start. Each deployment takes about 10 minutes. You can choose from two options:
    4. Test the deployment by accessing the Couchbase Web Console and the Couchbase Sync Gateway API.

    To customize your deployment, you can choose the number of Availability Zones (2-4) for your Multi-AZ deployment and customize the configuration of the Couchbase Server and Sync Gateway nodes.

  •  Cost and licenses
  • You are responsible for the cost of the AWS services used while running this Quick Start reference deployment. There is no additional cost for using the Quick Start.

    The AWS CloudFormation template for this Quick Start includes configuration parameters that you can customize. Some of these settings, such as instance type, will affect the cost of deployment. See the pricing pages for each AWS service you will be using for cost estimates.

    The Quick Start requires a subscription to the Couchbase Enterprise Edition AMIs in AWS Marketplace. It supports two subscription options:

    • Bring Your Own License (BYOL) – If you already have a valid subscription to Couchbase software, you can use that license, subject to complying with standard licensing terms. Additional pricing, terms, and conditions may apply.
    • Hourly pricing – Prices are calculated according to your usage and reflected in your monthly report.