reference deployment

Tigera Calico for Amazon EKS

Open-source network-policy enforcement on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service

Calico provides open-source networking and network security for containers, virtual machines (VMs), and hosted workloads. It delivers native Linux-kernel performance and scalability, and users are provided a consistent set of capabilities for running environments either on-premises or in a cloud environment. Calico supports both single- and multi-node clusters for many platforms, such as Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker EE, and OpenStack.

This Quick Start is for developers and administrators who want to apply network-policy enforcement to Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) clusters. This deployment provides a rich network policy model that helps secure communications by controlling traffic flows. Clusters deployed by this Quick Start are upgradable for enterprise-grade security and compliance use cases.

This Quick Start was developed by Tigera in partnership with AWS. Tigera is an AWS Partner.