amazon connect integration

Teleopti Workforce Management (WFM)

Forecasting, staffing, and optimization for contact centers

Teleopti Workforce Management (WFM) is a contact center staffing and optimization solution that improves the agent experience, delivers flexible schedules, and helps ensure that customer expectations are met. This integration between Teleopti WFM and Amazon Connect offers these benefits:

  • Forecasting

You can forecast agents in minutes, determine interaction volumes, and schedule employees to meet demands. The multi-skill, multichannel forecasting tools support both short-term and long-term planning as well as trends and seasonality analyses.

  • Scheduling and work-life balance

Teleopti WFM provides a multi-skill, scheduling optimization (chat, email) engine for effective agent planning. These tools take work-hour legislation, demand, and employee requests into account.

  • Real-time adherence (RTA)

Teleopti WFM provides real-time agent status and overviews. You can track agent adherence and adjust your schedules easily to maintain service-level goals throughout the day.

Teleopti WFM - Amazon Connect integration

Architecture for Teleopti integration

Teleopti WFM - Amazon Connect integration - detailed view

Architecture details

This Quick Start was developed by Teleopti in collaboration with AWS.
Teleopti is an APN Partner.

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To add Teleopti WFM to Amazon Connect:

Step 1 Sign up for an AWS account, if you don't already have one.

Getting an account will automatically sign you up for Amazon Connect and all other AWS services.
Step 2 Contact Teleopti and ask for a Teleopti WFM instance and an sFTP endpoint to be set up.

Teleopti will provide you with an sFTP hostname and credentials. You will need this information in step 3.
Step 3 Deploy the integration.

By default, the integration is deployed in the US East (N. Virginia) Region, but it is currently supported in all AWS Regions that support Amazon Connect.

Complete the parameter fields. Deployment takes just a few minutes.
Step 4 Configure the integration.

Follow the steps in the Teleopti WFM integration documentation to complete configuration tasks and to obtain these credentials:
- IAM user
- Access key ID
- Secret access key

Teleopti uses these credentials to configure the RTA SDK client listener and historical data integration.

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