AWS Resource Access Manager

Simply and securely share your AWS resources across multiple accounts

Benefits of AWS RAM

Simplify your security and access controls across shared resources.
Streamline management of AWS resources within your organization from a central account.
Reduce overhead and costs by creating resources once and sharing them across multiple accounts.

How it works

AWS Resource Access Manager (AWS RAM) helps you securely share your resources across AWS accounts, within your organization or organizational units (OUs) and with IAM roles and users for supported resource types.

Diagram showing how AWS RAM makes resources shareable based on specified access permissions.

Use cases

Share foundational infrastructure like Amazon VPC subnets across accounts, allowing multiple accounts to deploy application resources to the same subnet

Centrally manage resources like private certificate authorities allowing certificate issuance across multiple accounts to manage cost and reduce operational overhead

Use managed permissions to grant only the permissions required to perform tasks on resources shared using AWS RAM

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