Broadcast Date: March 06, 2023

Level: 300

Amazon DynamoDB is the most scalable database service offered by AWS. Amazon DynamoDB was built to scale with a serverless architecture that supports the largest internet-scale applications, including Disney+ and Fidelity Investments. Being a NoSQL database, DynamoDB is the perfect choice for microservice based architectures. For customers starting their journey of application modernization, DynamoDB is a great place to start. This session will start off covering the data modeling basics for DynamoDB, such as terminology, then progress into more advanced topics including related data, secondary indexes and single table design.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the data modeling basics for DynamoDB.
  • Contrast the NoSQL, schemaless of DynamoDB data models to relational.
  • Walk through the data modeling process including entity-relationship diagram (ERD), access patterns, designing primary keys and more.

Who should watch?

DBAs, Developers, Architects, and DevOps engineers using Amazon DynamoDB


Robert McCauley, DynamoDB Specialist SA, AWS; Chad Tindel, Principal NoSQL Specialist SA, AWS


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