Frost & Sullivan

The Making of a Managed Cloud Services Provider


The cloud has become the foundation for enabling digital transformation but often companies engaging new service offerings find knowledge gaps in their organizations. This requires organizations to seek out cloud managed services providers (MSPs). In this brief, Frost & Sullivan examines the evolving role of the cloud MSPs from three perspectives: a cloud services provider, AWS; an AWS MSP partner, Cloudreach; and the firm responsible for training, auditing, and certifying thousands of MSPs on behalf of AWS and other cloud providers, Information Security Systems International (ISSI).

Read this report to:

  • Learn about the AWS MSP Program and the key role Information Security Systems International (ISSI) plays in developing and recognizing elite MSP partners like Cloudreach
  • Learn best practices for selecting MSPs as a cloud enablement partner
  • Discover growth trends of MSP partnership and understand why certification programs are integral to a successful execution of a digital transformation

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