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Celent | Nasdaq - Cloud Kings in Financial Services: An Insider's View

AWS outposts allow Nasdaq to create an edge compute environment to run their matching engine

Celent’s global head of Capital Markets Monica Summerville, lead this video format report with Marc Murphy, SVP Nasdaq, Head of Global Connectivity & Colocation and Magnus Haglind, SVP & Head of Product Management for Marketplace Technology. The video format report focuses on Nasdaq's current and future plans around migration of its exchanges to AWS which began last year with MRX, one of its six US options exchanges.

Watch this video report to:

  • Hear from Nasdaq leadership directly on current, and future cloud migration initiatives.
  • Learn how Nasdaq moved its matching engine to the cloud, which allows them to bring the cloud to their data center itself.
    • Using specialized AWS outposts allowed Nasdaq to create an edge compute environment to run their matching engine.      
  • How Nasdaq’s focus on innovation will impact their clients globally.

Astana International Exchange: Running a Stock Exchange in the Cloud

Learn how AIX hosts their stock exchange applications including the Nasdaq Matching Engine in the AWS cloud. AIX runs their workloads across multiple AWS regions and leverages number of data replication techniques. As a result, they are able to switch their workloads to another region in under 5 minutes.   

Nasdaq Uses AWS to Pioneer Stock Exchange Data Storage in the Cloud

Nasdaq uses a data lake based on Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift to ingest 70 billion records per day, load market data 5 hours faster, and run Amazon Redshift queries 32 percent faster.

Reinventing the future of capital markets with AWS

AWS helps capital markets organizations enrich customer experiences, transform and scale investment research and risk capabilities, modernize mission-critical applications, and improve surveillance and reporting.

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