Amazon Ranks Highest in Customer Impact in Frost & Sullivan’s Strategic Analysis of Google, Amazon, and Microsoft in the Global Connected Car Ecosystem


This strategic analysis from Frost & Sullivan explores the opportunities in the connected car sector for automakers who seek to assess the software arena, but also for tech companies who are entering the space. The core analysis of the study revolves around three IT companies (Amazon, Google, Microsoft) that have proven to be technology giants currently revolutionizing their stand in the automotive industry.

Amazon is ranked as the top provider delivering customer impact to support automakers and tier-Is with the tools to develop consumer facing connected car solutions and high-end user experience. Amazon is highlighted and ranked as the leader based on its commercialization success, commitment to innovation, and customer purchase experience.

In This Report You’ll Learn:

  • Cloud challenges for and expectations of automakers in connected car
  • Snapshot of Amazon’s Automotive strategy across Connected Vehicle Services, Autonomous Development, and Smart Mobility with comparison on general factors and capabilities of tech giants
  • Amazon’s Automotive and Connected Car Community and Benefits
Image of Strategic Analysis of Google, Amazon and Microsoft in the Connected Car Ecosystem

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