AWS Cloud Financial Management


As cloud usage continues to increase, customers are seeking support to closely monitor and optimize their cloud spend. Advisory and analyst house Information Services Group (ISG) spoke with AWS and its customers WIX and EDF to learn about the benefits of the AWS cloud financial management tools and the support provided by AWS.

Read this report to:

  • Understand the AWS cloud financial management approach.
  • Learn how AWS enables its customers to control and optimize cloud costs.
  • Find out how support functions like the AWS Cloud Economics Team and its partners assist clients with identifying and quantifying value generation potential across their cloud journey.

“Enterprises are moving toward a digitally transformed world, and industry leaders are witnessing exceptional changes in financial, operational and cost management. Investing in the four key capabilities of Cloud Financial Management enables clients to effectively manage the fast-changing cloud consumption landscape. This is especially effective when combined with the AWS tools and support, along with its partner program."

-- ISG report author

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