Posted On: Oct 29, 2020

We have recently introduced notifications regarding Site-to-Site VPN Connections. AWS will now send a notification via the Personal Health Dashboard (PHD) if your VPN is operating without the recommended dual tunnel configuration for redundancy (Single Tunnel Notification), or if your VPN has experienced a momentary loss of redundancy due to a tunnel endpoint replacement (Tunnel Replacement Notification).  

Each AWS S2S VPN Connection has two tunnels for redundancy. We strongly recommend configuring both tunnels. A VPN Connection with only one tunnel established is known as a Single Tunnel VPN. Single Tunnel Notifications are sent on a weekly cadence if your VPN Connection is operating on a single tunnel continuously for longer than an hour. This will alert you that your connection is not operating in the recommended architecture that enables High Availability. 

Tunnel Endpoint Replacement notifications are sent when one of your two tunnels undergoes a replacement. Tunnel replacements cause a momentary lapse in redundancy, during which time traffic is automatically rerouted to the other tunnel. Tunnel replacements can occur for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to, AWS initiated routine maintenance, customer initiated modifications, and when automated systems detect a health issue. This notification will alert you that your tunnel experienced brief downtime but connectivity has been restored to normal operations. For more details, see the AWS Site-to-Site VPN health documentation

This feature is now available in the following AWS Regions:  

US West (Oregon)
US West (N. California)
US East (Ohio)
US East (N. Virginia)
South America (Sao Paulo)
Middle East (Bahrain)
Europe (Stockholm)
Europe (Paris)
Europe (Milan)
Europe (London)
Europe (Ireland)
Europe (Frankfurt)
Canada (Central)
Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
Asia Pacific (Sydney)
Asia Pacific (Singapore)
Asia Pacific (Seoul)
Asia Pacific (Mumbai)
Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)
Africa (Cape Town)
AWS GovCloud (US) Regions