Posted On: Dec 1, 2020

Amazon Honeycode now allows you to integrate your existing workflows and data sources, such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications or AWS services like Amazon S3, with Honeycode apps. Teams can build custom mobile & web apps that connect to their existing tools and data, enabling end-to-end solutions that solve the specific business productivity needs of teams. The connections between Honeycode and other tools are facilitated by Zapier or Amazon AppFlow, which are integration services that you can use with Honeycode. You can also use new Honeycode APIs to integrate with custom or internal tools that aren’t supported by either Zapier or AppFlow. 

For example, a sales team could use Honeycode with Zapier to build an app for processing sales inquiries from prospective customers. Instead of dealing with emails and spreadsheets, the team could use a single Honeycode app that allows sales representatives to process inquiries from the company website. Sales managers could approve quote proposals within the app, and the app could generate a quote document and email it to the prospect. This end-to-end solution could be built with Wix (website hosting service), Honeycode (custom app used by the team), PandaDoc (quote generation service), and Zapier (integrates Honeycode with other services), however you can integrate Honeycode with thousands of other services through Zapier. The same sales team could also use AppFlow to synchronize data between Salesforce and Honeycode. 

Honeycode customers can choose from Zapier or AppFlow to build end-to-end solutions that leverage Honeycode and their existing tools. With Zapier, customers can move data between Honeycode workbooks and thousands of other apps and services such as Salesforce, Slack, Jira, Trello, and more. Customers can schedule these connector workflows or trigger them on events in Honeycode or other apps and services. Zapier is free to use, however a paid Zapier account is required to move data from Honeycode into SaaS applications using Honeycode’s new webhook feature.

Amazon AppFlow is a fully managed integration service that enables customers to securely transfer data between AWS services and SaaS applications in just a few clicks. With AppFlow, customers can create a one-way flow from one of 15 SaaS applications (such as Salesforce, Marketo, Zendesk, etc.) or supported AWS services into Amazon Honeycode workbooks. There are no upfront charges or fees to use AppFlow, and customers pay for the number of flows they run and the volume of data processed.

The use of integrations via Zapier, AppFlow, and Honeycode APIs is available on all Honeycode plans at no additional cost, however you are responsible for any costs associated with using Zapier or Amazon AppFlow. You must have a Zapier account to use Zapier or an AWS account to use AppFlow. 

Watch a preview of how this feature works in this short video.

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