AWS Transfer Family Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for B2B collaboration

Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) is a business-to-business (B2B) messaging protocol used to exchange Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) documents. With AWS Transfer Family’s AS2 capabilities, you can securely exchange AS2 messages at scale while maintaining compliance and interoperability with your trading partners.  You can use AWS Transfer Family’s fully managed AS2 capabilities to receive EDI documents that are generated from your trading partner’s business systems. EDI documents received using AWS Transfer Family’s connectivity capabilities are automatically uploaded to Amazon S3 where they can then be transformed into JSON and XML formatted outputs using AWS B2B Data Interchange. With AWS Transfer Family, there are no resources to manage and no upfront costs – pay only for your AS2-enabled endpoints and messages exchanged.



Ensure interoperability and compatibility with your trading partner's AS2 solution with AWS Transfer Family's Drummond Certified™ capabilities.

Advanced Connectivity

Utilize a fully-managed, highly-available, and auto scaling AS2 solution to exchange messages with your network of trading partners.

Security & Compliance

Protect your AS2 messages with non-repudiation and encryption, monitor and audit your transactions, and maintain compliance with relevant certifications including HIPAA, FedRAMP, and others.

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Pay only for your AS2-enabled server endpoints and the number of messages exchanged with no up front costs.

How It Works

AWS Transfer Family’s AS2 capabilities are used to securely and reliably exchange EDI documents, which are stored in Amazon S3 for further processing, analysis, and machine learning, or for integration with third-party ERP, CRM, or SCM systems:

To get started with AWS Transfer Family's AS2, read the usage documentation or deploy this sample template using AWS CloudFormation.

Use Cases

Supply Chain & Logistics

Send shipment notices and proof of delivery confirmations to customers and exchange shipping manifests with last mile and line haul carriers.

Manufacturing & Retail

Process purchase orders, distribute invoices, track inventory, and monitor in-transit shipments.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Conduct HIPAA-compliant exchange of medical claims data, insurance payment confirmations, and benefit enrollment verifications.

AS2 Customers



nConnect Group is a leading expert provider of supply chain consulting, Blue Yonder solutions, integration platform services, managed application support, and implementation resourcing across APAC. With a talented team of highly-skilled, technically advanced, and operationally experienced consultants all sharing the nConnect FABRIC of service, commitment, and excellence.

“As a technology driven professional services consultancy operating across the supply chain and logistics industry, we are presented with new challenges daily. However, companies exchanging data with their business partners shouldn’t be one of them. With customers now wanting a reliable, fully hosted and managed solution operating in a secure and private cloud, we chose AWS Transfer Family to provide them with a fully-managed, turn-key solution for SFTP file transfers and AS2 message exchanges. Transfer Family provides secure, reliable managed file transfer capabilities required for us to meet our customers’ ever changing data integration needs. By adopting AWS Transfer Family, we’ve been able to save our customers on average 15% setup costs and reduce our integration testing time by on average 20% all while helping them attain end-to-end supply chain visibility.”

Andy Kim, GM of Operations and Finance

Liberty Mutual Insurance


Syndic8 is a Boston-based SaaS company, offering data management solutions for the e-commerce industry.

“We moved our EDI workloads to AWS because AWS Transfer  Family expanded their product line to include AS2, as AS2 remains the  dominant standard for EDI. Last year we began building our next-gen  product, RapidMap, and did an industry analysis to determine how we  should approach integrations - we were going to build our own AS2 service but discovered Transfer Family’s fully managed, cloud native AS2 capabilities. Transfer Family’s AS2 has instead allowed us to focus on building RapidMap’s solution, dramatically reducing the mapping, testing and connectivity to get business flowing across a logistics supply chain. We’ve shifted our resources to build self-service tools for business users, allowing them to perform technical operations once limited to developers because Transfer Family has enabled us to reduce integration timelines from months to weeks.“

Joseph DiNardo- COO, Cofounder



Redpack offers high-quality solutions for door-to-door  parcel transportation and express courier for customers. They service  various industries including e-commerce, technology and manufacturing, operating internationally.

"Redpack is an international logistics provider offering  global shipment services and last mile delivery solutions throughout  Latin America. We use AWS Transfer Family’s AS2 capabilities to send shipment notices and confirmations when delivering packages. We also use Transfer's AS2 solution to exchange digital invoices and billing  documents with our global network of delivery service partners. Transfer Family's capabilities adhere to Amazon's fulfillment partner guidelines and provide us with the critical business-to-business communications we need to deliver over 95% of packages on time within 24 hours.”

Armando Ramírez Ayala - Director of IT, Redpack


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