Arseny Zinchenko

AWS Container Hero

 Arseny Zinchenko, DevOps Team Lead

 Kiev, Ukraine

 Hero since 2021

Arseny has over 15 years in IT working as SRE and Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, and leverages AWS to design scalable, fault-tolerant solutions by using the best cloud technologies to make the life of Ops and Dev teams easier.

Since 2011 Arseny has used his blog to share expertise about DevOps, system administration, containerization, and cloud computing. Currently he is focused mainly on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and security solutions provided by AWS.

He is a member of the biggest Ukranian DevOps community, UkrOps, where he helps others to build their best with AWS and containers. He also helps implement DevOps methodology in their organizations by using Amazon CloudFormation and AWS managed services like Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, and EKS.

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personal blog
Personal Blog
ukranian devops community
Ukranian DevOps community

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