Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) on AWS

Managed Windows and Linux desktop experiences

Today's workforce is working seasonally, remotely, and moving from one contract to the next. They're working across borders, time zones, and organizations. However, traditional desktop solutions such as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) can't scale to a dynamic workforce. VDI requires complicated capacity planning, upfront capital expenditures for hardware and licensing, and months, if not years, to build out infrastructure. 

Instead of building and operating your own infrastructure, you can simply deploy desktops on demand with Amazon WorkSpaces, a DaaS solution on AWS. With DaaS, you manage your images and users, while the infrastructure is managed for you. A few clicks scales your desktops up, or down, to users across the globe. 

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The Future Of VDI Is Cloud

Cloud-Based Virtualization Will Surpass On-Premises VDI To Improve Scalability And Manageability

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Why DaaS on AWS?

Managed infrastructure

A few clicks deploy desktops assigned to each user. You don’t need to operate servers, file shares, network appliances, and third-party solutions. And you can build, patch, and maintain your images with native features.

Consistent performance

Each user receives their own desktop with consistent performance across sessions, no matter how many users are logged on at the same time. You no longer manage complicated multi-session environments.

Flexible deployments

You can deploy thousands of desktops in AWS Regions across the world using Windows and Linux bundles optimized for compute, memory, or graphics use cases and scale up and down as your workforce changes. 

Simple pricing

With Amazon WorkSpaces, you pay-as-you-go with no confusing licensing. Pricing starts at $21 per WorkSpace per month, or $7.25/month + $0.17/hour, in most AWS Regions. 

Use Amazon WorkSpaces for your DaaS deployment

Amazon WorkSpaces is a manged, flexible, and secure DaaS solution on AWS. You can deploy a Windows or Linux WorkSpace in the AWS Region closest to your users and scale to thousands of WorkSpaces across the globe with a few clicks. Each user also receives access to Amazon WorkDocs with 50 GB of personal storage for no additional charge. And, you pay only for what you use without long-term contracts, complex licensing, or termination fees.

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Start your proof of concept

Once you've tried a WorkSpace, try Amazon WorkSpaces with your team. There's no upfront cost or commitment. Simply choose a configuration bundle for your team, connect your VPC, and use your existing Active Directory to manage your WorkSpaces and user credentials.  

Pricing starts at $21 per WorkSpace per month, or $7.25/month + $0.17/hour, in most AWS Regions. You can use the Amazon WorkSpaces Cost Optimizer to convert each WorkSpace to the most cost-effictive billing option.  

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Additional content for your deployment

As you're working through your Amazon WorkSpaces deployment, reference our documentation, blog posts, recorded sessions, and webinars for tips, tricks, and best practices. 

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Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) on AWS

Free Tier – FREE TRIAL

Demo Amazon WorkSpaces

40 Hours combined use a month for 2 Amazon WorkSpaces [Standard Bundle]

Free tier offers are short term trial offers that start from the time of first usage begins. Once the trial period expires you simply pay standard, pay-as-you-go service rates (see each service page for full pricing details).