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Sainsbury's: Building the future of retail on AWS (19:20)
Super Retail Group on AWS: Customer Story (14:11)

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Transforming Retail in the Cloud: A CIO's Handbook

How can retailers mobilize their technological resources to capture emerging growth opportunities while competing in a rapidly changing market landscape. In this e-book, you will learn about a powerful new IT paradigm for retail—a Cloud Services Technology Framework.

The CTO Guide to E-commerce Architectures

Establishing the right ecommerce architecture is critical to ensure digital sales channels can support overall business strategy.  This paper lays out the decision process for ecommerce modernization, including tradeoffs and lessons learned.

Turn retail data into a competitive advantage

Learn that if collected, stored, maintained, and mined with a datadriven culture, well-designed strategies, appropriate governance, and cloudbased technologies, data can become a competitive advantage to connect seemingly unrelated dots, see the unseen, and reveal opportunities long before they become mainstream—to propel your business past your competitors and future-proof your organization.

Accelerating Innovation and Modernization in Retail with AWS Partners

The future is here, and retailers need to think and act in new ways. AWS and AWS Retail Competency Partners deliver innovative, industry-leading cloud services and solutions to meet today’s consumer expectations, optimize operations, and improve business insights. Best Buy, Petco, Neiman Marcus, Sainsbury’s, Instacart, and Zalando are among the global retailers who are using AWS retail solutions, software, and tools to accelerate innovation and digital transformation.

Harnessing the Power of Smart Stores

To thrive in the modern marketplace, retailers need to create an exceptional customer
experience—both online and in the store. While ecommerce soared in popularity during the
pandemic, physical stores still matter, representing roughly 80 percent of all retail sales. This is
because stores remain an experiential destination for shoppers to discover, research, see,
touch, and buy products.

Seismic Shifts in Retail

There are several current/new, but not necessarily emerging, technologies that have the potential to greatly impact the entire industry. For each, we are in the early days—yet can already see the potential for retailer adoption. We’ll look at four current technologies, which seem to have decent momentum, and try to understand their potential uses and pitfall in the context of the retail industry.

Architectural Guidance for Building Composable MACH Solutions on AWS

A MACH architecture, which stands for Microservices based, APIfirst, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless (MACH), gives companies a deeper level of agility—allowing them to deliver new features to their customers at speed. This architecture has spread from ecommerce to store systems and is now fundamentally changing the way retailers assemble commerce solutions.

Drive business growth with machine learning personalization in retail

Personalizing content for online consumers is key to breaking through the noise. Yet brands face challenges that prevent them from providing these seamless, relevant experiences. The result is fractured communications and limited visibility into customer needs. Machine learning enables you to provide customers with relevant recommendations and ultimately improve brand loyalty.

Reinvent your supply chain with the Cloud

Automated supply chains can deliver enhanced visibility, more accurate demand planning, and improved resilience. Read this ebook to learn how you can turn your supply chain into an intelligent business decision-maker using innovative new technologies like machine learning, blockchain, and other cloud services.

The Autonomous Journey Transforming demand planning in CPG and retail supply chains

It’s clear that CPG and retail companies need to take a new approach, and not just in reaction to the perfect storm of the pandemic. Integrating autonomous processes into demand planning will be crucial for retail and CPG companies to successfully move into a fast-approaching future.

Grocery Solutions that Innovate and Differentiate from AWS

As grocers look for ways to bring better shopping experiences, data insights, and retail execution to their operations, they are taking advantage of industry-specific innovations in areas like machine learning, personalization, digital commerce platforms, smart devices, and more. Learn how some of the world’s top grocery retailers, like Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, and Cencosud use AWS and our extensive industry network to support your grocery retail transformation.

A guide to modernizing with SAP ECC-based systems on AWS: Drive new business value from your existing SAP investments

Learn how you can bring existing SAP investments to AWS to realize immediate benefits, including reduced infrastructure costs, improved performance, and automation capabilities; innovate by going beyond infrastructure to implement new business capabilities; move to Suite on HANA to realize the in-memory data capabilities while maintaining existing SAP ERP applications.

RISE with SAP on Amazon Web Services

Are you looking for a fully managed offering to support your path to SAP S/4HANA? Accelerate your ERP transformation while reducing the cost and complexity of maintenance with RISE with SAP on AWS. RISE with SAP is an SAP-managed, single-instance S/4HANA offering, available on your choice of hyperscaler. Download this solution brief to learn why more than 5,000 active AWS customers run SAP on AWS and why you should choose AWS for RISE with SAP.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Retail

Learn how machine learning delivers retail innovation for an industry in transition. To meet new trends, overcome challenges, and keep pace with today’s hyper-connected shoppers, the industry is pivoting toward automation and optimization powered by machine learning. Explore how retailers are delivering a fast, frictionless, and engaging omnichannel experience at every step of the shopper journey across key use cases.


Sustainability is a strategic priority for Retail and CPG brands. Companies have debated the environmental and social consequences of economic growth for decades. However, sustainable development practices have only recently risen to the top of the CXO agenda. Read this report to learn more.


Listen to retail thought leaders discussing the latest trends

Retail Rundown: The New Retail Culture of Innovation with Tom Litchford and Jeff Roster

In this RETHINK Retail podcast episode, host Jeff Roster and AWS's Tom Litchford explore the current state of retail and the critical role of cloud technology, understanding the post-pandemic shopper, and the new retail culture of innovation.

AWS Explains How the Cloud Helps Supply Chains

Supply & Demand Chain Executive's Link podcast interviews AWS's Tom Litchford to demystify the cloud and discuss how Amazon’s retail business inspired the creation of AWS.

AWS's Tom Litchford and the Amazon Technology Revolution

AWS is a guest on the Remarkable Retail podcast, where we cover the key benefits of cloud-computing, how AWS fits into the Amazon eco-system, why it takes a crisis for retailers to innovate, and why a culture of experimentation is so important.

Reference Architecture

Super Retail Group on AWS: Customer Story (14:11)
Nordstrom: Event-Sourced Serverless Architectures (13:21)
Zulily: A Compelling Suggestive Search Experience Using Amazon DocumentDB with MongoDB Compatibility (5:01)

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