AWS Training Policies

Last updated: October 20, 2022

1. Payments

AWS will bill you after completion of a Purchased Class. You agree to pay the Total Initial Invoice Amount for Purchased Classes, as well as any applicable taxes and additional Student fees from a class size increase (per Section 2 below). Payments must be consistent with payment terms for Services set forth in the AWS Customer Agreement available at, or other written agreement, governing your use of the Services (the “Agreement”). Payment may be made in non-local currency if accepted by AWS. The Total Initial Invoice Amount for Purchased Classes may be adjusted on an exchange rate as determined by AWS. Unless specifically modified in the Agreement, all amounts are in local currency.

1.1 Prepaid Training

Regardless of Section 1 above, if you request pre-payment of training (“Prepayment”), you agree to prepay the Total Initial Invoice Amount for Purchased Classes, as well as any taxes. Prepayment is due within 30 days of (1) Order signature or confirmation and (2) receipt of prepayment invoice or request for funds. AWS will not schedule Prepaid Trainings until Prepayment is received. AWS will provide a “Monthly Service Statement” outlining the Purchased Classes delivered and the application of the Prepayment. Untimely Prepayment may result in delayed delivery of Purchased Classes. Prepayment expires 365 calendar days after Order signature or confirmation, will not be refunded, and any AWS Training Class(es) using Prepayment funds must be delivered within that 365-day timeframe. AWS may invoice you if Prepayment is not made prior to delivered Purchased Classes. Notwithstanding the above, if you have a Prepaid AWS Training Addendum (“Prepaid Training Addendum”), the Amazon contracting entity therein will invoice you in accordance with the Payment Term in the Prepaid Training Addendum, and you agree to pay the invoice amount as provided under the terms of the Prepaid Training Addendum.

2. Class Size Change

You may adjust Student count for Purchased Classes up to a maximum of 25 Students (or other number agreed to in the Order) by emailing your AWS Training contact and providing the Purchased Class name, Purchased Class Start Date, location, and requested number of Students (the “Revised Student Count”). AWS may agree to your request and will confirm your change request by e-mail. AWS will bill you based on the number of Students listed on the Order. For any decrease in Students, notify AWS at least 48 business hours (i.e., 2 business days) prior to Purchased Class Start Date to decrease your bill and reflect the Revised Student Count. If the Revised Student Count is below 10 Students (or other number agreed to in the Order), you will be billed for and agree to pay the Minimum Class Fee for Purchased Classes. If additional Students attend the training beyond those designated by email or Order, AWS may bill you on the actual Student count.

2.1 Semi-Private Training

For Semi-Private Training, should the Revised Student Count amount to less than the minimum number of Students listed on the Order for any Purchased Class, you will be billed for and agree to pay the Minimum Class Fee for that Purchased Class.

3. Cancellation

Either you or AWS may cancel or reschedule any Purchased Class at least 14 calendar days before Purchased Class Start Date. If your cancellation is received less than 14 days before original Purchased Class Start Date, you may be billed the Minimum Class Fee for Purchased Classes as outlined in the Order.

4. Rescheduling

You can ask AWS to reschedule your Purchased Classes to another start date (the “Rescheduled Class Start Date”). Rescheduling requests should be made at least 14 days before the Purchased Class Start Date, otherwise AWS may not be able to accommodate your rescheduling request. The Rescheduled Class Start Date must be within 90 days of the original Purchased Class Start Date. You are not permitted to reschedule or cancel a rescheduled Purchased Class. If the Purchased Class cannot be rescheduled, you can choose to keep the original Purchased Class Start Date or cancel the Purchased Class. If the Purchased Class is cancelled, AWS may bill you based on the Minimum Class Fee as outlined in the Order.

5. Unscheduled Classes

Contact your AWS Training contact to schedule your Purchased Class if you did not provide a Start Date in your Order. Purchased Classes in an Order must be scheduled and delivered within 365 days from the date that you confirm the Order.

6. Customer Affiliates

The Purchased Class(es) will extend to your Affiliates (“Customer Affiliates”) as notified by you in written notice and approved by AWS. You are responsible for Customer Affiliates’ obligations and liabilities under the Order. “Affiliates” means, with respect to either party, any entity that directly or indirectly controls, is controlled by or is under common control with that party.

7. Definitions

“AWS Training” means Classroom Trainings, Prepaid Trainings, and Semi-Private Training.

“Classroom Trainings” means trainings directly sold and delivered by AWS.

“Minimum Class Fee” means the class fee listed on the Order based on the minimum number of Students that attend a Purchased Class.

“Order” means the AWS Training Form or Order Confirmation for AWS Training that AWS sends to you by email for you to confirm your purchase of AWS Training.

“Prepaid Trainings” means purchased trainings for which payment is received before any classes are scheduled or delivered, that can be redeemed over a set period of time only for ILT classes. Prepaid Trainings are limited to certain countries that are subject to change.

“Purchased Class” means an AWS Training Class listed on the Order.

“Purchased Class Start Date” means the AWS Training Class Start Date listed on the Order.

“Semi-Private Training” means invitation-only classes for customers who do not have 10 or more Students for a full private training engagement.

“Student” means any individual who directly or indirectly accesses or uses AWS Training under your account, or on whose behalf you have arranged AWS Training.

“Total Initial Invoice Amount for Purchased Classes” means the subtotal amount for Purchased Class exclusive of tax minus any applicable discounting.

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