Amazon Verified Permissions User Guide

This guide provides a conceptual overview of Verified Permissions and explains how to use it to define policies as permissions within your application.

API Reference Guide

This guide provides details about using the actions, data types, and API requests that can be made with Verified Permissions.

Cedar policy

This documentation provides a detailed overview of the Cedar policy language for access control. This guide helps you understand how to define principals, actions, resource types, and conditions for your schema and policies.

Designing an authorization model

This guide shares key considerations and criteria to consider when designing an authorization model for your application.

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Workshop and sample application


Dive deep on application integration and Cedar policies with the

Verified Permissions Workshop

Sample Application

Try out Verified Permissions in a sample pet store application.

Check out the sample application


Demo: Amazon Verified Permissions for fine-grained authorization in applications (15:19)
Build verifiable and effective application authorization in 40 minutes (59:16)
From The Field | Verified Permissions (52:39)
How to use Amazon Verified Permissions for authorization inside apps (47:39)
Fine-grained authorization for applications, featuring Panasonic Avionics (58:34)
AWS On Air live at AWS re:Inforce (20:29)
Modernize authorization: Lessons from cryptography and authentication (53:18)
Using policies to manage permissions with Amazon Verified Permissions (53:35)

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