Publication Date: 2024/04/15 07:00 AM PST

AWS is aware of CVE-2024-28056, which affects Amplify CLI versions prior to 12.10.1 and Amplify Studio, which uses Amplify CLI. We released a fix to Amplify CLI on January 10, 2024 that also fixed Amplify Studio, and recommend customers upgrade to Amplify CLI 12.10.1 or higher to address this issue. We have proactively communicated with the customers using affected versions.

AWS has taken two additional steps to protect customers using Amplify from unintentional misconfigurations. First, AWS added a mitigation to the AWS Security Token Service (STS) where attempts to make a cross-account role assumption with a trust policy referencing Amazon Cognito as the trusted principal, without conditions to scope down access to specific Amazon Cognito Identity Pools using the aud claim, will fail. As a result, cross-account access will no longer be possible with policies created by earlier unpatched versions of Amplify. Second, AWS added a mitigation to the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) control plane such that any attempt to create a role trust policy that references Amazon Cognito as the trusted principal, without adding conditions restricting access, will fail.  

We would like to thank Datadog for responsibly disclosing this issue to AWS.

Please email with any security questions or concerns.