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Air Canada Builds Revamped Loyalty Program and Improves Customer Experience Using AWS

Air Canada is Canada's largest airline, providing scheduled passenger service directly to 51 airports in Canada, 51 in the United States, and 86 internationally.

In this video, Mel Crocker, vice president and chief information officer at Air Canada, shares how the company revamped its Aeroplan loyalty platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to be serverless, event-driven, and help the company achieve full product control.

Aeroplan was reacquired by Air Canada in 2019, and the Air Canada team embarked on a journey to reinvent the platform’s architecture, not taking advantage of Aeroplan’s legacy assets. This technology stack evolution at Air Canada would help the company lower costs, leverage faster time to market and computing, and achieve innovation for its customers and lasting competitive advantage with its new Aeroplan program.

To learn more, read "AWS is How: Air Canada Creates Innovative Digital Experiences for its Customers."


One of the things that we've taken great advantage of with AWS is as they've continuously evolved their services, we've been able to take advantage of the ones that make the most sense for us and the most sense for our client. And we've been able to do that in near real time as we evolve these platforms."

Mel Crocker
Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Air Canada

AWS Services Used

AWS AppSync

AWS AppSync is a serverless GraphQL and Pub/Sub API service that simplifies building modern web and mobile applications.

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Amazon Cognito

Amazon Cognito lets you add user sign-up, sign-in, and access control to your web and mobile apps quickly and easily.

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