By using Amazon Cognito, we can create and deploy cross-platform games faster without the need to manage backend infrastructure.

Keith Pichelman CEO

Concrete Software has been designing and publishing games for mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Microsoft Windows, since 2003. Some of Concrete Software’s most popular games include NHL Hockey Target Smash, Jellyflop, and Pocket Ants.

  • Previous platform-specific solutions made it difficult to synchronize game content across multiple operating systems and devices.
  • Creating and managing a backend infrastructure was both time consuming and costly.
  • The company uses Amazon Cognito to save user data and synchronize the latest game-state across devices and platforms without having to manage backend infrastructure.
  • The company uses Amazon Cognito to identify and manage identities for logged-in users and unauthenticated guests.
  • Simplified development: Concrete Software can save data in the cloud for cross-platform distribution without creating a separate backend infrastructure for each platform.
  • Improved user identity management: using Amazon Cognito makes it easy for the company to transition a user profile from guest to authenticated while maintaining a unique identifier and merging the profile data.
  • Extended Single Sign-On services: By using Amazon Cognito, Concrete Software can more easily provide its customers with in-game authentication options for major social logins (e.g., Facebook Login), OpenID Connect, and its own custom authentication service.
  • Improved Security: Concrete Software can now allow its app to securely access other Amazon Web Services (AWS) by making it simple to use temporary credentials.

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