Euronext Gets More Agile with AWS


Euronext operates stock exchanges in several major European capitals. It is home to more than 1,300 corporate stock issuers with a market capitalization of over €3.7 trillion, making it the largest exchange in continental Europe. The company handles millions of transactions a day comprising 1.5 billion digital messages. Euronext wanted to make better use of its data and start using artificial intelligence. But with data processing taking 6 hours after trading each day—12 hours on the busiest days—clients and business units struggled to analyze data in time for the next day’s trading. Using Amazon Web Services (AWS), analytics now happen in near real time, Euronext can scale up at short notice on high-volume days, and it can provide data scientists with analytics consoles in 1 day instead of 45 days. In this video, Nicolas Rivard, chief innovation officer at Euronext, outlines the decision-making process behind the organization’s move to AWS in 2017.

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