Houston Methodist Transforms Patient Care with Clinical Voice Technology on AWS


Industry Challenge

Hospitals must comply with strict medical documentation requirements. However, completing an electronic medical record is a click-heavy process that distracts medical staff from providing direct patient care. Houston Methodist aims to improve clinical efficiency and alleviate nursing and physician burnout with voice-activated technology and real-time data capture.


Houston Methodist will continue to break down barriers using resources like those provided by AWS and Pariveda Solutions, and it will improve the way healthcare technology is consumed.”

Roberta Schwartz 
Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, Houston Methodist

Houston Methodist's Solution

Houston Methodist built a solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to prototype automatic speech recognition for its documentation processes. “We see this opportunity as the future of supporting clinical efficiency and the patient experience,” says Roberta Schwartz, executive vice president and chief innovation officer at Houston Methodist. The solution uses voice automation to simplify arduous, click-heavy electronic medical record tasks and make them more efficient. Houston Methodist prototyped a voice-activated solution to present information and command tasks during surgeries, an effort it hopes will save time and reduce personal protective equipment use. Its team also developed a tool that uses natural language processing and ambient listening to capture conversations, create notes, and automatically complete documentation in the electronic medical record during patient visits.

Benefits of Using AWS

In using AWS and AWS Premier Consulting Partner Pariveda Solutions Inc. to prototype voice-enabled technology, Houston Methodist is transforming its clinical workflow. This secure, industry-compliant solution will save time, reduce clicks, and increase positive patient collaboration. “Throughout this prototyping experience, AWS has been there every step of the way,” says Schwartz.

Dive deeper into Houston Methodist's hands-free voice assistant and learn more at AWS for Healthcare: aws.amazon.com/health.

About Houston Methodist

Houston Methodist is an eight-hospital system that develops innovative medical and digital health solutions and provides care to thousands of patients in the Greater Houston area.

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