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Driving Sustainability with a Customer Focus: How Iberdrola Is Going Green Using AWS

"Sustainability in Iberdrola is generation and delivering new services for our customers. And when delivering new services for our customers, part of those are digital services. For digital services, AWS is key."

Carlos Pascual Lopez
Head of Energy Management Solutions, Iberdrola

Iberdrola Accelerates the Energy Transition Using Machine Learning on AWS

With a vision for sustainability that goes back more than 20 years, significant investment in renewables, and a determination to reduce the carbon footprint of its business and customers, Iberdrola is at the forefront of the energy transition. It applies the latest technology to meet this challenge, using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support millions of customers securely and at scale. Carlos Pascual, head of connected energy services, and managing director Santiago Bañales, say the leading global energy firm has a lot in common with AWS—not least of which is a customer obsession that drives new experiences. Like its energy management solution, which uses machine learning models on Amazon SageMaker to lower customer energy consumption and cost by between 10% and 30%.

Iberdrola Optimizes Operations, Delivers New Services Using Generative AI and AWS

In an increasingly complex sector, energy firms are looking for new ways to optimize their use of energy assets and support carbon reduction goals. Organizations like Iberdrola are leading the way, harnessing generative artificial intelligence (AI) to improve customer experiences, and exploring digital technologies that allow it to balance energy generation with demand. As Santiago Bañales, Iberdrola’s managing director, says, the company developed an energy management solution—training and deploying its machine learning models on Amazon SageMaker—to help cut customer energy consumption and costs by up to 30%.

Iberdrola Keeps Customer Data Secure in the Cloud as It Launches New Services Using AWS

With responsibility for keeping the data of its 40 million customers secure, global energy firm Iberdrola chooses to work with companies that support its goal of achieving “total protection of data.” And as it develops innovative new products that help customers save up to 30 percent on their energy bills, it knows client data is safe in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. Iberdrola’s focus on delivering the best, most secure customer experience—as Carlos Pascual, head of connected energy services, and managing director Santiago Bañales, say—is shared by AWS.

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