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One of the largest banking and financial services firms in the world, HSBC builds on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide the global footprint, elasticity, and rigorous security its customers expect — and regulators require. HSBC first engaged AWS in 2017 for the creation of its open-banking channel, completing the project within the mandated regulatory timeline of just 6 months. Building on this success, in 2020 HSBC engaged AWS as a long-term, strategic cloud provider to help execute its global plan for digital transformation. The bank has enhanced automation, operational efficiency, and security across its retail and commercial financial offerings as a result of its migration to AWS. Working with AWS is facilitating HSBC’s vision of opening up a world of opportunity for its customers — through continuous cloud-based innovation using blockchain, containers, and serverless technologies.

HSBC's Cloud Journey on AWS

HSBC's Cloud Journey on AWS
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Enterprise Transformation

Cloud adoption to accelerate digital transformation and realize greater business value  

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Continuous Innovation

Ongoing improvements built to support transformation

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Security and Compliance

Protecting customer data in a regulated industry

  • Enterprise Transformation
  • 2023

    HSBC's Wealth and Personal Banking Cloud-First Strategy to Deliver Value and Innovation at Scale on AWS

    HSBC’s Wealth and Personal Banking (WPB) goals are to deliver value across all touchpoints of customer interaction, reduce operational costs, remove complexity, and improve efficiency across its engineering departments to enable long-term and sustainable growth. HSBC WPB built on AWS to establish a cloud-first engineering and deployment platform that provides the agility needed to discover the right solutions to solve its business challenges. Watch the three-part video series to learn more about HSBC's WPB innovation journey.  

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    HSBC’s Digital Transformation on AWS Brings Innovation to Wealth & Personal Banking Business

    By migrating to AWS, HSBC’s Wealth & Personal Banking business can run and scale applications around the world with the highest availability and reliability. Hear Gavin Munroe, global CIO for Wealth & Personal Banking at HSBC, discuss the strategy behind HSBC’s collaboration with AWS, including the need for application modernization, increased innovation, and accelerated deployment of new services.

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    AWS and HSBC Reach Long-term Strategic Cloud Agreement

    HSBC Holdings plc selected AWS as a key, long-term strategic cloud provider to drive its digital transformation and deliver new and personalized banking services. As part of a multi-year, global agreement, HSBC will make AWS technology available across the bank’s lines of business, starting with customer-facing applications and application modernization in its Global Wealth & Personal Banking business.

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  • Continuous Innovation
  • 2021

    HSBC’s Wealth & Personal Banking Innovates Digital Messaging Strategy Using Serverless on AWS

    Christopher Bird, global platform CTO of messaging for HSBC’s Wealth & Personal Banking business, shares how the company innovates faster and provides easier, highly secure digital banking on AWS to meet its customers’ changing needs.

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    AWS re:Invent 2019

    Meeting Requirements for Open Banking With Serverless

    Learn how HSBC addressed new requirements to share customer data with third-party service providers. This session explores how HSBC embraced APIs and built its open banking solution using AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and other Serverless on AWS services.

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    How the Cloud Adds Value to Open Banking Business Models and Strategy

    Move beyond the regulatory requirements of Second Payments Services Directive (PSD2) to learn how banks can leverage open APIs to cater to customer needs and innovate open banking business models.

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    When you look at the Wealth & Personal Banking strategy around scale, resiliency, security, and innovation on the cloud — to enable our business objectives, we had to find the right organization that could partner with us, with the scale and global footprint.”  

    Gavin Munroe
    Global CIO, Wealth & Personal Banking, HSBC

  • Security and Compliance
  • Centralized Governance Through Global Cloud Services at HSBC

    In the past, organizations had to choose between innovating faster and maintaining control over cost, compliance, and security. Using AWS Management and Governance services, HSBC built a centralized governance unit called Global Cloud Services to innovate and control costs simultaneously. Now, HSBC can power, provision, and operate its environment for both business agility and governance control.

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    AWS re:Invent 2018

    AWS PrivateLink is a networking service that helps businesses increase the security, scale, and resiliency of their services. This session covers how to set up both the consumer and provider sides of AWS PrivateLink, use cases, and its interoperability with other AWS services. Businesses that want to consume services in a more scalable and private way, or have services they want to share with others, will gain an understanding of best practices for AWS PrivateLink.

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    AWS re:Invent 2019

    Running High-security Workloads on Amazon EKS

    This session explores how HSBC’s cloud services team built a secure multi-tenant platform for application teams to run mission-critical containerized applications on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS). AWS and HSBC engineers discuss security features, best practices, and lessons learned from operating highly secure Amazon EKS clusters. Topics include network security, Linux host security, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) integrations, IAM for service accounts, and integrating logging and monitoring of the Kubernetes control-plane and worker nodes.

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    The participating teams loved the customer-centric approach and felt great about working in a collaborative environment. This initiative is a key intervention in our culture/mindset shift journey towards customer-centric innovation. In the Amazonian language 'working backwards' we have taken a big step forward towards our end goal. Thanks AWS.”  

    Jai Pawani
    COO, HSBC India

About HSBC

HSBC Bank uses its global and local expertise to bring people, ideas, and capital together to serve its 40+ million international customers. It employs AWS to develop and deploy some of the industry’s most advanced and dynamic technology to help its customers manage, protect, and grow their wealth.