The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk Processes 30 Million Items per Second on AWS for Real-Time Advertising


The Trade Desk is a technology company that empowers buyers of advertising through its self-service, cloud-based platform. The company presented at re:Invent 2020 about how it uses Aerospike, a low-latency NoSQL database platform, running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support millions of queries per second at the edge for real-time bidding and peak loads of 30 million writes per second in its cold storage of user profiles. In this video, Matt Cochran, director of engineering at The Trade Desk, shares how the company leverages AWS services, such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Amazon EMR, and Aerospike to support both data storage use cases. "The elasticity that we get from using Amazon EC2 or Amazon EMR has been really helpful for allowing us to scale up and down as we need to," says Cochran.

Watch The Trade Desk's re:Invent 2020 presentation to dive deeper. Learn more about AWS for Advertising and Marketing:

The Trade Desk Processes 30M Items per Second on AWS for Real-time Advertising (:54)

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