Trax Brings Online Intelligence to Offline Retail


Trax helps retailers better manage their stores through digital insights. Its technology analyzes digital images of products and store layouts and provides recommendations—on product selection, placement, pricing, and promotions, for example—based on the images it analyzes. The company was founded in Singapore in 2010 and maintains a research and development base in Israel. It operates in more than 45 markets worldwide and has a database of 10 billion products that it recognizes with its image recognition and machine learning technology. Since 2012, Trax has used Amazon Web Services (AWS) to power its business. As well as handling image recognition, Trax’s environment includes a repository that ingests more than 10 TB of images a month. In this video, Yair Adato, vice president of research and development at Trax, explains how the company reduced the cost of image processing by 60 percent with a multi-tenant AWS architecture. He also previews a new application that creates store maps in real time using augmented reality.

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