The Algorithms, Machine, and People (AMP) Lab at the University of California Berkeley builds scalable machine learning and data analysis technologies to turn data into information. Among the many experiments run by the AMP Lab, one area of concentration is in the field of genomics and cancer research. Due to the vast amount of data that genome sequencing produces, the AMP Lab leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) to quickly scale the compute resources needed to analyze the algorithms that are used in genomics work. As a result, researchers are able to use many machines in the cloud simultaneously to process genome data faster and more cost effectively.

UC Berkeley AMP Lab Genomics Project on AWS - Customer Success Story (3:23)


To learn more about genomics in the cloud, visit our AWS Genomics details page.

For more information about how the AMP Lab uses the AWS Cloud for other big data projects, see the UC Berkeley Amp Lab Carat Project Case Study