A suite of intelligent toolkits to automate legacy ETL tools and Database migration to AWS Cloud.

Intelligent Data Works is a flexible, capable data foundry with a unique set of AI/ML accelerators that automate manual tasks and make data accessible when and where it’s needed. These automation and intelligence tools, which drive business innovation and outcomes to create an AI data pipeline, include:
  • Responsive Data Modeling Studio: Automatically generates data models by leveraging AI and machine learning, performs impact analyses, and self-corrects the mapping to load data into the targets
  • Data Integration Studio: Accelerates the end-to-end life cycle of data integration projects, enabling faster time to market, reduced cost of implementation, and improved productivity
  • Intelligent Migration Studio: Speeds technology migration projects with end-to-end solutions, including downstream and upstream data integration with applications or databases along with the applications that are running on the existing technology
  • Testing Services Studio: Manages extract, transform, load (ETL) big data automation—QA that leverages the latest big data technologies
  • DevOps Studio: Provides DevOps capabilities in the context of data management projects
  • DataOps Studio: Facilitates the full automated of the continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline process
  • Data Services Studio: Automates the delivery of data to meet the needs of downstream applications and extracts it to external systems as well as end-user reports
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Harmony: An automatic report rationalization tool which accelerates the rationalization process for reports using fuzzy lookup on business terms
  • BI Factory: Tool which converts the BI model and report metadata from one BI tool to the another

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Current state analysis and data modernization reference model.


Intelligent migration solutions to fast-track the data platforms' movement to higher orbit.

Manage and govern

Manages all layers of data integration with 360 degrees of data lineage.

Up to 60% potential effort savings

Reduced manual effort for SQL, PL, and SQL conversion by 60-70%.

  • How it works
  • Cognizant’s Intelligent Data Works consulting offer is a unique set of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) accelerators to build extensive automation into common, repetitive tasks across the data life cycle, enabling rapid builds of data platforms and capabilities. All or any combination of these data foundry tools can be applied to meet an organization’s specific requirements.

    Intelligent Data Works includes:

    • Intelligent Migration Studio (IMS)
    • Responsive Data Mapping Studio (RDS)
    • Data Ingestion Foundry (DIF)
    • Data Integration Studio (DIS)
    • Data Validation Studio (DVS)
    • BI Harmony
    • BI Factory

    These tools benefits a customer in realizing their vision of accelerating the build of a modern data platform on AWS by re-mediating technological debt in legacy databases, mainframes, hadoop, ETL tools, and BI tools. 

  • Key activities
  • 1) Modernize legacy data appliances

    Appliance failing with velocity and volume, which impacts the scalability.

    2) Modernize legacy ETL workloads

    Embrace cloud native modern parallel processing ETL workloads.

    3) Accelerate business outcomes

    Expedited guaranteed delivery using repeatable proven assets.

  • Customer contribution
  • Vision for modern data platform

    Bring your vision for a modern cloud platform.

    Current state walkthrough

    Describe your current data pain points.

    AWS account access

    Customers must provide Cognizant with access for the duration of the engagement.

    Security policy enforcement

    Convey your organization's security standards for solution alignment.

  • About this consultant
  • Cognizant works with global enterprises to build robust, modern, and secure digital platforms on the AWS Cloud, enabling them to accelerate innovation, scale business services, and improve operational agility. With corporate headquarters in the United States and offices across more than 40 countries worldwide, Cognizant's global presence extends its delivery capability and amplifies its impact. With approximately 300,000 employees globally with 100+ transformational blueprints, 4,500+ certified AWS professionals, 12,000+ trained AWS practitioners, and 300+ customers on AWS, Cognizant is ready to help with all your AWS Cloud needs.

    As a premier AWS Partner, Cognizant can advance your digital transformation journey by modernizing your core to promote innovation. Cognizant optimizes operations, drives efficiencies, unlocks new business opportunities, and offers richer and differentiated customer experiences through three core capabilities: Cloud Consult, Cloud Migrate, and Cloud Operate. Cognizant is an AWS Premier Partner offering consulting services, an AWS Managed Services Provider Partner, and an AWS Well-Architected Partner. Cognizant has achieved the AWS SAP, AWS Migration, AWS Financial Services, AWS Healthcare, and AWS Life Sciences Competencies and the AWS CloudFormation Service Delivery designation, among others.

  • Architecture diagram

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Accelerating Data Warehouse Migration to Amazon Redshift Using Cognizant Intelligent Data Works 

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