AWS GameKit

This notification is to inform you that the functionality provided by AWS Gamekit is being retired. On January 1, 2024, AWS support for AWS Gamekit will end, and the GitHub repository will be archived.

Existing deployments will continue to run. If you have deployed AWS Gamekit via cloning GitHub open source code, you may continue to use the solution. If underlying service APIs change after solution support ends, deployments may error or may not be possible to stop / start. If you have any questions or concern please reach out to us through AWS Support

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AWS GameKit is a solution that allows game developers to deploy and customize game backend features directly from game engine. AWS GameKit comes with AWS CloudFormation templates for each feature that follows AWS Solution Architect designs. AWS GameKit also comes with an integration code between the game backend features and game engine.
Take advantage of prebuilt AWS architecture solutions to integrate game features into your game projects with minimal effort. Use the AWS GameKit game features as designed or as a launch pad for a custom solution. AWS GameKit is for game developers who want to create high-quality, cloud-connected game features without the potentially steep learning curve for cloud service architecture and AWS.
With GameKit, game developers can deploy and customize four game backend features to support PC and mobile games built on Unity and Unreal engines. These four features are - Identity and Authentication, Achievements, User Game Play Data, and Game State Cloud Saving.


Easy to use

AWS GameKit makes it easy to build game features without requiring prior experience with core AWS services. AWS GameKit is easy to use because it uses AWS CloudFormation templates to provision and connect all the necessary AWS resources together into a cohesive solution to power game backend features.


AWS GameKit includes the source code for the game features allowing developers to see how the AWS services work and allowing full customization.

Fast prototyping

AWS GameKit sample assets, including visual code and UIs for each feature, provide ready-made elements for game project integration and customization. The GameKit API and documentation make it easy to trace and debug from the engine.

Technical details

The diagram below gives an overview of the GameKit architecture.