Migration Assistant for Amazon OpenSearch Service

Automate data transfer, enable smooth version upgrades, and enhance performance during migration


Migration Assistant for Amazon OpenSearch Service assists you in migrating your self-managed Elasticsearch and OpenSearch clusters to Amazon OpenSearch Service managed clusters or serverless collections. This AWS Solution automates manual migration tasks by facilitating existing and live data migration. It also includes advanced features, such as traffic capture and replay, to help identify potential migration and upgrade issues earlier. This solution not only streamlines the migration process but also enables performance and behavioral comparisons based on real customer workloads.

By deploying this solution, you will get a migration suite that allows you to follow a systematic workflow to run an upgrade, migration, and modification to an OpenSearch cluster. The suite includes a migration console command line interface (CLI) for management, a dedicated container for existing data backfill, and a replayer for processing data streams.


Simplified management experience

Follow the process provided by this solution to transfer data from an originating (source) cluster to a designated target (OpenSearch cluster or OpenSearch Serverless Collection).

Adaptability to your requirements

Safely capture traffic on the original cluster for simultaneous or deferred replay on a destination cluster. Opt to replay the recorded traffic at the same or varied speeds across multiple target clusters to identify the optimal cluster size and performance tailored to your real workloads.

Centralized location for data analysis

Record requests and responses between the source and destination clusters for comparison, then forward the latency metrics and response codes to an analytics hub. You can analyze the data essential for transitioning your traffic from a legacy system to a new OpenSearch Service destination.

Flexibility through open source

Make contributions and modify or extend this open source solution to meet your needs.

Technical details

You can automatically deploy this architecture using the implementation guide and the accompanying AWS CloudFormation template.

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