Amazon Sumerian FAQs

Q: What is Amazon Sumerian transitioning to?

Your existing Sumerian scenes will be available until February 21, 2023, after which they will no longer be available. We therefore recommend that you move any existing scenes to the new Babylon.js-AWS with Amplify Hosting experience and that you build any new scenes using the new experience. 

You can use this template as a starting point:

Q: Why is Amazon Sumerian transitioning?

We believe this new user experience with Babylon.js and AWS Amplify Hosting will provide versatility and the ability to publish your scenes more seamlessly than before.

Q: Is Amazon Sumerian accepting new customers?


Q: I can’t access the Amazon Sumerian Dashboard. What do I do?

If you are a new customer of Amazon Sumerian, please see the documentation and tutorials to get started with Babylon.js and AWS Amplify Hosting.

If you are an existing customer of Amazon Sumerian and are unable to access the dashboard, please verify your region. If you are still unable to access your existing scenes, please contact customer support.

Q: I have existing scenes in Amazon Sumerian. How do I transition them?

You can follow tutorials to export and transition your existing scenes to Babylon.js.

Q: Where can I find documentation on Amazon Sumerian?

To learn more, visit Amazon Sumerian documentation.