Ready-to-use templates and assets

Hit the ground running with pre-configured scenes and asset packs. Leverage the lighting template for pre-positioned directional lights, the product configurator template that enables customization of textures and finishes, or the virtual concierge template that leverages Amazon Sumerian Hosts with voice integration. Import assets from a curated selection of landscapes, furniture, materials, hosts and more.

State machine and scripting API

Use the State Machine editor to build dynamic scenes for user and object interaction such as camera control, animations, and voice commands. The visual, drag-and-drop UI is easy to use and supports over one hundred pre-defined actions. To expand on State Machine functionality, use the library of scripting APIs, a method to drive logic using JavaScript, to create more complex interactions, or integrate scenes with other AWS services.


AWS Service Integration

Integrate with other AWS services using the built-in AWS SDK for JavaScript to access a full suite of AWS APIs for services such as AWS Lambda, AWS IoT, AWS Appsync, AWS Amplify or Amazon DynamoDB. Store and manage all the 3D assets you create or upload in the AWS cloud. Leverage built-in voice and chatbot features with Amazon Polly and Amazon Lex directly in the editor.


Browser-based publishing and distribution

Author only once with Amazon Sumerian’s browser-based platform and with two clicks, distribute scenes globally in seconds for customers to access via a simple URL. Augmented reality experiences built with Amazon Sumerian run on Android and iOS mobile devices without requiring native app downloads. Virtual reality scenes run on popular hardware such as Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Dayream and Lenovo Mirage.

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