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Come join and meet the "Allcloud" experts along with the AWS training team, who will guide you through more than 100 online labs!
These free self-paced training labs give you hands-on experience with the AWS Management Console in a variety of common use cases, giving you practice in a live AWS environment. Labs generally take between 30 to 60 minutes to complete depending on your level of experience.

Drop by from 8:30am - 17:00pm – all labs are free!


This lab demonstrates how to using the AWS Mobile SDK for Android and Amazon Cognito, which manages user identity, authentication and data synchronization. This lab will cover Amazon Mobile Analytics, which lets you easily collect, visualize, and understand app usage data at scale. Finally, the lab covers the various AWS Service Connectors that make it easy for your Mobile Application to interact with key AWS Services without writing any custom backend code. We will start with the Amazon S3 connector to showcase how to leverage Downloadable Content (DLC) for your Mobile Application or Game, and then optionally we will leverage Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Kinesis Connectors later in the lab.

This lab demonstrates how to build an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) which contains private and public subnets, routing tables, and a NAT server to allow private subnets to access the Internet.

In this lab, you will connect virtual things using AWS IoT, publish messages and visualize real-time data using a serverless web application leveraging AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway and Amazon S3.

This is part one of a three-part lab which teaches you how to create a "serverless" web app with an Amazon DynamoDB backend data store. In this first part of the lab, you will build the infrastructure you will need in subsequent labs. You will create a DynamoDB table and add data, then build the necessary IAM roles and polices. To successfully complete this lab, you should be familiar with DynamoDB and IAM through taking those introductory labs at

AWS Elastic Beanstalk provides a quick and easy way to deploy your web applications to the AWS cloud without requiring knowledge of the individual pieces that make up the infrastructure. This lab demonstrates the common steps of developing a web application and deploying it to production on AWS, using the EB command line interface. In this lab you will learn how to deploy a simple web application continuously using the Elastic Beanstalk Command Line Interface (EB CLI) in two ways, Rolling Deployment and Blue/Green Deployment. The lab also demonstrates many interesting command line tools to interact with, monitor, scale, and ssh into your running Elastic Beanstalk deployment completely from the command line. Prerequisites: for success with this lab, you should be familiar with systems administration of Linux servers, have comfort with Unix/Linux text editors, and should have at least taken the lab "Introduction to AWS Elastic Beanstalk".