Getting Started with Amazon GuardDuty

Start protecting AWS accounts, data, & workloads

Amazon GuardDuty immediately begins analyzing events across your AWS accounts for signs of resource misuse.


Getting hands-on with Amazon GuardDuty

In this hands-on workshop, you will walk through a scenario covering threat detection and remediation using Amazon GuardDuty.

Access Delegation for GuardDuty

Learn how to use AWS IAM to delegate access to security services, like GuardDuty, to AWS security administrators and AWS security operators.

AWS Skill Builder: Getting Started with Amazon GuardDuty

The AWS Skill Builder course will provide you with a fundamental understanding of the purpose, benefits, architecture, pricing philosophy, and common use cases of GuardDuty.

Threat Detection and Response Activation Day

Browse for upcoming workshops to deep dive into threat detection and response on AWS using Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon Detective, and AWS Security Hub.

Step-by-step guides

Five Steps

Getting started with Amazon GuardDuty

This tutorial provides a hands-on introduction to Amazon GuardDuty.

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Discover more Amazon GuardDuty resources, including demos, webinars, blogs, user guides, and more.

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