Posted On: Dec 1, 2020

AWS Lambda reduced the billing granularity for Lambda function duration from 100ms down to 1ms. This will lower the price for most Lambda functions, more so for short duration functions. Their compute duration will be billed in 1ms increments instead of being rounded up to the nearest 100 ms increment per invoke. For example, a function that runs in 30ms on average used to be billed for 100ms. Now, it will be billed for 30ms resulting in a 70% drop in its duration spend. 

This change will make functions such as interactive web call, and data streaming – that tend to have short durations – even more cost effective to run on Lambda. Pricing or billing granularity for Requests or Provisioned Concurrency will not change. It won’t have any impact on how Provisioned Concurrency and Lambda Requests are billed today. This change doesn’t impact the customer experience through the AWS Management Console, AWS CLI, or SDKs. This change will be effective starting December 2020 billing cycle.  

1ms billing granularity is available for Lambda functions in all regions where AWS Lambda is available except China regions starting with the December 2020 billing cycle. For more information, visit the AWS Lambda Pricing Page.