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re:Invent 2023: Helping Woodside Energy optimize their supply chain (42:24)
Serve your customers better with AWS Supply Chain | Amazon Web Services (18:42)
re:Invent 2023: C-suite leaders talk generative AI and applications (50:15)
AWS On Air: Mitigate Risk & Lower Cost | Amazon Web Services (29:46)
Break down supply chain silos with machine learning | Amazon Web Services (31:54)
AWS On Air: AWS Supply Chain | Amazon Web Services (28:52)

AWS Supply Chain Blogs

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Media AWS Announces Four New Capabilities for AWS Supply Chain

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WSJ: Solving Supply Chain Problems With Cloud Technology

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Sustainable Tech Partner: AWS Supply Chain Cloud Software: Sustainability Capabilities Coming in 2024

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InfoQ: AWS Supply Chain Now Generally Available with New Features

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SDC Executive: Machine Learning-Powered Insights for Supply Chain Planning

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Acceleration Economy: AWS Supply Chain Allows Customers to Define Their Own Roadmap

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Administration Guide

Describes how to create instances, add users and groups, choose an administrator, and log into the AWS Supply Chain web application.


User Guide

Describes how to log into AWS Supply Chain web application, connect to your data sources, create an insight watchlist for inventory risk or lead time deviations, and create forecasts.



Workshops are hands-on events designed to teach or introduce practical skills, techniques, or concepts which you can use to solve business problems.

AWS Supply Chain Workshop
Level: 300

Workshop Time: 6 hours

The AWS Supply Chain workshop offers supply chain professionals and their IT support staff hands-on experience with creating an AWS Supply Chain instance, ingesting data, navigating the user interface, creating insights, mitigating inventory risks, collaborating with other users, and generating demand plans.

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