Getting Started with AWS Directory Service

Managed Microsoft Active Directory in AWS

Getting started is easy. You can follow the steps below to launch a directory.


AWS Directory Service offers a comprehensive set of directory options to support your cloud workloads. Learn about the best practices, choosing the best directory option for your use case, developer and administration guide in the AWS Directory Service documentation.

Introduction to AWS Directory Service (AWS Managed Microsoft AD)
Microsoft Active Directory on AWS
Configure and administer your AWS Managed Microsoft AD
Active Directory on AWS to support Windows workloads
Demonstration: AWS Directory Service Multi-Region Replication
Domain join Amazon EC2 instances to single AWS Managed Microsoft AD

Tutorials and Guides

Using the AWS Directory Service API

You can use the Directory Service API to programmatically automate the provisioning and configuration of directories. You can also use the EC2 API to programmatically join both EC2 Linux and Windows instances to a domain.

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