SQL Server license requirements are set out in the Microsoft Product Terms*, which can be found on the Microsoft Volume Licensing Website.

You are responsible for obtaining the licenses required for eligible Microsoft applications running in the AWS cloud using the License Mobility through Software Assurance benefit, and for complying with all applicable Microsoft licensing requirements. Under the Product Terms, the number of licenses required varies based on the instance type, version of SQL Server, and the Microsoft licensing model you choose.

For “Licensing by Individual Virtual OSE” of Microsoft SQL Server, the May 2017 version of the Product Terms states, “The number of licenses required equals the number of Virtual Cores in the Virtual OSE, subject to a minimum of four Licenses per Virtual OSE.” The May 2017 version of the Product Terms defines a “Virtual Core” as “the unit of processing power in a virtual hardware system. A Virtual Core is the virtual representation of one or more hardware threads.”

To assist you with your virtual core licensing calculations under the Product Terms, the following table shows the number of virtual representations of hardware threads based on instance type.** If you run Microsoft SQL Enterprise Edition, there are additional Microsoft License Mobility SQL Enterprise Edition options available. Speak to your account manager for more details.

For other versions of Microsoft SQL Server, please contact us. Learn more about Amazon EC2 instance types.

Instance Types

Virtual Representations of Hardware Threads** 

m1.small 4
m1.medium 4
m1.large 4
m1.xlarge 4
m2.xlarge 4
m2.2xlarge 4
m2.4xlarge 8
m3.medium 4
m3.large 4
m3.xlarge 4
m3.2xlarge 8
m4.large 4
m4.xlarge 4
m4.2xlarge 8
m4.4xlarge 16
m4.10xlarge 40
c1.medium 4
c1.xlarge 8
cc2.8xlarge 32
cg1.4xlarge 16
cr1.8xlarge 32
c3.large 4
c3.xlarge 4
c3.2xlarge 8
c3.4xlarge 16
c3.8xlarge 32
hi1.4xlarge 16
hs1.8xlarge 16
g2.2xlarge 8
x1.32xlarge 128
x1.16xlarge 64













r3.xlarge 4
r3.2xlarge 8
r3.4xlarge 16
r3.8xlarge 32
i2.xlarge 4
i2.2xlarge 8
i2.4xlarge 16
i2.8xlarge 32
d2.xlarge 4
d2.2xlarge 8
d2.4xlarge 16
d2.8xlarge 36

Microsoft License Mobility overview

* Please consult your specific Microsoft license agreements for information on how your software is licensed. You are solely responsible for complying with all applicable Microsoft licensing requirements, including the Product Terms. AWS recommends that you consult with your own advisors to understand and comply with the applicable Microsoft licensing requirements

** Because the current version of the Product Terms requires a minimum of 4 licenses per Virtual OSE, this table specifies a minimum of 4 virtual representations of hardware threads (even if the instance type has less threads).