Amazon Verified Permissions Pricing

Amazon Verified Permissions is a scalable permissions management and fine-grained authorization service for the applications that you build. Using Cedar, an expressive and analyzable open-source policy language, developers and administrators can define policy-based access controls by using roles and attributes for more granular, context-aware access control.

With Verified Permissions, you pay only for what you use. There are no upfront fees or minimum fees. Also, there is no minimum number of authorization requests that a customer must make to use Amazon Verified Permissions. You are charged based on the number of authorization requests and policy management requests made by your application.

Authorization requests are the number of calls to the IsAuthorized API,  BatchIsAuthorized API, IsAuthorizedWithToken API, and BatchIsAuthorizedWithToken API.. Authorization request APIs are high-volume APIs that your application calls multiple times per user session. A single API call to BatchIsAuthorized is considered a single authorization request, irrespective of the numbers of authorizations requested as part of the API request.

Policy management requests are the total number of API calls made, including CreatePolicy, UpdatePolicy, GetPolicy, and ListPolicy APIs. Policy management APIs are called less frequently and are charged at a different rate.


Region: US East (N. Virginia) – same pricing for all Regions

Pricing tier (authorization requests per month) Price per request
First 40 million requests per month $0.00015 per authorization request
Next 60 million requests per month $0.000075 per authorization request
More than 100 million requests per month $0.00004 per authorization request
Policy management requests  $0.00004 per policy management request

There is no minimum number of requests that you must make to use Amazon Verified Permissions. For example, if your application makes 1000 authorization requests, then you are charged for 1000 requests ($0.00015 * 1,000 requests = $0.15).

Pricing examples (monthly)

Example #1

A vendor management application based on a serverless architecture is using Verified Permissions to authorize requests. The application uses API Gateway and has secured APIs using the Verified Permissions quick start wizard. The application is used by 250 vendors to manage product information and inventory. Each vendor uses the application everyday which results in 1000 API calls to the application. Across all vendors the application makes 250,000 API requests daily. The application authorizes requests using an API Gateway Lambda authorizer deployed by the quick start wizard. The quick start wizard automatically sets up authorization decision caching in API Gateway, and 70% of API requests are authorized from the cache. Overall, the application calls Verified Permissions for 75k authorizations every weekday (30% of 250k API requests). Assuming 20 working days each month, the application makes 1.5M API calls to Verified Permissions.

Usage type Number of requests Price per request Charge for the month
First 40 million authorization requests 1.5 million $0.00015 1.5M * $0.00015M = $225
Total Charges: $225 /month    
Example #2

A pharmaceutical testing company with patient data is using Verified Permissions to filter privacy data using Verified Permissions to authorize access to private patient data attributes based on the API caller. Each patient has an average of 25 private attributes that need to be authorized before they can be displayed or updated. There are 10,000 active patients across all of the lab studies and their data is accessed 3 times per day to update vital statistics. (900,000 AuthZ/month, assuming a 30-day month). Since each attribute needs to be authorized, this results in 22.5M authorizations/month. Verified Permissions is also used by the lab application to authorize requests to 20 assorted microservices. These services are called 125k/month. The application does not employ caching, but it does use batch authorization on access calls for private data attributes.

Authorizations for Patient Data: (22.5M AuthZ/month) / (25 AuthZ per batch) = 900k AuthZ/month

Authorizations for accessing Microservices: 125k API Requests/month * 20 microservices = 2.5M AuthZ/month

Total Authorization: 2.5M + 900k = 3.4M AuthZ/month

Usage type Number of requests Price per request Charge for the month
First 40 million authorization requests 3.4 million $0.00015 3.4M * $0.00015 = $510
Total Charges: $510 /month    
Example #3

A high-frequency trading application requires a high volume of trade authorizations with the lowest latency. The application uses the avp-local-agent to evaluate authorizations inside the application to reduce network latency and provide the fastest response times. The agent performs 200M authorizations per month. To ensure the latest policies are being used, the avp-local-agent has been configured to update its policy cache every 2 minutes. The agent makes a single API call to Verified Permissions per policy to refresh the cache. Assuming there are 10 policies and a 30-day month, each agent makes 216,000 calls per month. There are 20 agents running in the server farm, resulting in 4.32M policy management actions every month.

200M authZ/month * $0 agent authorization = $0
20 agents * 216,000 policy requests/month/agent = 4.32M Policy management actions

Usage type Number of requests Price per request Charge for the month
First 40 million authorization requests 4.32 million $0.00004 4.32M * $0.00004 = $172.8
Total Charges: $172.8 /month    

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