Decision Guides

Choose the AWS services that fit for your use case

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Decision guides provide an overview of AWS services with guidance to help you choose the services that fit your use case. Decision guides can also help you identify the criteria that will inform your choices.


Learn which questions to ask when building your modern data architecture on AWS.
Application integration
Evaluate and choose AWS integration services for your workloads.
Amazon Bedrock or Amazon SageMaker?
Choose between Amazon Bedrock or Amazon SageMaker for your specific use case.
Choose the appropriate AWS container service for your modern app development.
Determine which AWS compute services are the best fit for your use case.
Cost Management Icon
Cost management
Determine which cost management services and tools are the best fit for your needs.
Establish the criteria that make sense for you to make your database choice.
Frontend & mobile
Articulate your business requirements for building your web or mobile app on AWS.
Generative AI
Select the AWS generative AI services and tools that are the best fit for you.
Internet of Things (IoT)
Choose which IoT services are the best fit for your specific use case.
Amazon Lightsail or Amazon EC2?
Choose between Amazon Lightsail or Amazon EC2 for your specific use case.
Machine learning
Evaluate our ML services and how they can be used to solve your business problems.
Choose the AWS migration strategy that best fits your specific needs.
Modern application strategy
Determine which modern app development strategy is the best fit for your organization.
Monitoring & observability
Evaluate the AWS monitoring and observability services to see how they fit your needs.
Networking & Content Delivery
Decide which AWS networking and content delivery services are the best fit for you.
Select the security, identity, and compliance services that are the best fit for your needs.
Evaluate and choose the right AWS storage service for your workload.