Welcome to the AWS ANZ Webinar Series. Join us for online presentations covering a range of AWS Cloud solutions and technology and offering technical deep dives, business topics, demos, live Q&A and customer stories with AWS experts.

AWS Webinars will range from introductory to advanced level, and will cover topics ranging from the latest trends in tech, Artificial Intelligence, Modern Application Development, Machine Learning, Data & Analytics to Best Practices and Getting Started on the AWS Platform.

Developer Webinar


Hey Operator? Using SageMaker with EKS for Machine Learning Pipelines

In this Level 300 webinar, we will cover how and why to use Amazon SageMaker with Kubernetes, with a focus on how to build production-ready solutions which are scalable, and robust. The webinar will include a real-world example of how to build an image classification model, and then use Kubernetes to deploy the solution and perform real-time inferencing.


  1. Machine Learning and Kubernetes Overview
  2. Machine Learning + Kubernetes
  3. Demo: Deploying a Custom Computer Vision Demo
  4. Production-ready systems
  5. Q&A
What you will learn
  • Selecting the most appropriate Computer Vision CNN architecture and workflow
  • How to develop and apply metrics to measure the performance of CNN models
  • Implementing a multi-model Computer Vision use-case in Amazon SageMaker

Who should attend
  • Developers
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Data Scientists
  • Systems administrators who are interested in learning more about running containers on AWS

Webinar Details

Date: Tuesday, 7 April 2020
Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm AEST



Dr. Ramine Tinati
Developer Advocate & AI/ML Expert, AWS


Mitch Beaumont
Solutions Architect, Kubernetes Expert, AWS

Level 100

Sessions will cover an overview of services, features and benefits with no prerequisites presumed. 

Level 200

Sessions will focus on best practices, details of service features and demos or code samples. Assumes introductory knowledge of topic.

Level 300

Sessions will dive deeper into service features, lessons learned, deployment and architecture examples. Assumes in-depth understanding of service use cases and AWS platform.

Level 400

Sessions will focus on more complex topics such as advanced coding, architecture, infrastructure design and solutions. Deep understanding of subject matter is presumed.

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