Amazon WorkSpaces Streaming Protocol

Amazon WorkSpaces Streaming Protocol (WSP) is built using DCV technology, enabling high-performance remote access to Amazon WorkSpaces instances for a wide range of workloads and use cases.

Customers who select WSP benefit from features not available in the PCoIP protocol. These features include support for 2-way audio/video designed to enable usage of unified communication tools within WorkSpaces, smart-card support, and a full-featured web client that delivers a high-performance desktop experience from any device running a supported web browser.


High-performance virtual desktops

WSP is designed to empower end users with highly responsive, full-featured desktops, regardless of bandwidth conditions. For audio/video calls, WSP minimizes bandwidth consumption while delivering a high-quality end-user experience, making it ideal for collaboration.

Wide range of use cases

Optimizations for 2-way audio/video, peripheral support, new usability features, and an available web client cover a wide range use cases, including bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments. WSP also enables support for your entire workforce with a minimal number of images.



Security and compliance

WSP secures both pixels and end-user inputs using secure transport protocols to help protect customer data. WSP also allows you to comply with data sovereignty regulations while maintaining a high-quality user experience, even when routing data over long distances.

How it works

WSP is a bandwidth-adaptive streaming protocol that utilizes multiple image and video codecs to provide near real-time responsiveness for applications without compromising image accuracy. WSP analyzes the hosted desktop, network, end-user device, and screen contents to dynamically select the best algorithm to encode the end-user desktop and transmit it as a pixel stream to the end-user device.

Getting started

You can get started with the WSP by selecting WSP from the protocol drop down and choosing a Windows 10 Value, Standard, Performance, Power, or PowerPro bundle when creating a WorkSpace. Then, download and install the latest client for Windows or Mac OS to access your WSP WorkSpaces.

WSP documentation
Go to the WorkSpaces user and admin guides to get started
Amazon WorkSpaces desktop client
Download the WorkSpaces client for Mac OS X, Windows 8 and Windows 10