Amazon CloudFront Now in Singapore, Adds Private Content for Streaming

Posted on: Mar 28, 2010

Amazon CloudFront, the easy to use content delivery network from Amazon Web Services, now has an edge location in Singapore. We’re excited that this will help you deliver content to end users in Asia with even lower latency and faster data transfer rates than before. Amazon CloudFront now has 15 edge locations worldwide, including locations in Hong Kong and Tokyo, as well as 4 locations in Europe and 8 in the United States. The new Singapore CloudFront location precedes our upcoming launch of other AWS services in Singapore this year.

Starting immediately, Amazon CloudFront will begin using the Singapore edge location for requests for your content. There’s no need for you to change anything in order for this to happen – Amazon CloudFront will automatically route requests for your content to the Singapore location when it’s appropriate to do so. Prices for content delivered from the Singapore location are the same as prices for content delivered from Hong Kong; you can see these you can see these at

We’re also excited that you can have greater control over the content that you stream using Amazon CloudFront using our private content feature. This feature gives you detailed control over who is able to receive your streaming media, so you can use Amazon CloudFront to stream content that you do not wish to make publicly available. There are no additional charges for using private content above that service’s normal rates for streaming. You can learn more about streaming and private content on the Amazon CloudFront detail page.