Elastic Load Balancing Announces Support for IPv6, Zone Apex Support and Security Group Integration

Posted on: May 24, 2011

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of three new features for Elastic Load Balancing including IPv6 support, zone apex support, and security group integration.

Starting today, all Elastic Load Balancers in the Amazon EC2 US-East (Northern Virginia) Region and the Amazon EC2 EU (Ireland) Region are capable of supporting IPv6. Each Elastic Load Balancer now supports three DNS names - an IPv4 DNS name providing a single IPv4 address, an IPv6 DNS name providing a single IPv6 address, and a "dualstack" DNS name which provides both an IPv4 address and an IPv6 address. Traffic between the Elastic Load Balancer and your EC2 instances will still use IPv4 which means you don't need to modify your applications in order to start using IPv6 today. ELB support for IPv6 in other Regions will be available shortly.

Also released today, Elastic Load Balancing, in coordination with Amazon Route53, lets you map your root domain, or "zone apex" directly to your Load Balancer. This allows you create friendly DNS entries for your load balanced websites like "mydomain.com" in addition to "www.mydomain.com".

Lastly, you can now configure security groups for your EC2 instances so they'll only accept traffic from the Elastic Load Balancer.

For more information about Elastic Load Balancing, please visit the Elastic Load Balancing web page.