Posted On: Jan 30, 2012

We are excited to announce the addition of two new features for Gold and Platinum Premium Support customers - 3rd Party Software Support and AWS Trusted Advisor. With these support enhancements, customers of all sizes and technical abilities can continue drawing on AWS’s broad experience to successfully utilize the products and features provided by the AWS cloud.

3rd Party Software Support: Providing 3rd Party Software Support enables customers to work directly with Premium Support on questions related to the customer’s Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance operating system as well as the configuration and performance of the most popular 3rd Party Software components on AWS. This support covers most widely used operating systems including Windows, Ubuntu Linux, Red Hat Linux, Novell’s SuSE Linux, and Amazon Linux, as well as systems software including Apache, IIS, Amazon SDKs, FTP, Sendmail, and Postfix. AWS support engineers will now be available to address common problems that derail customers in the setup, configuration, and troubleshooting of their infrastructure components. In addition, through the use of desktop sharing technology, customers will have the option to share their desktops in real time with support engineers, allowing for a more hands on support experience.

AWS Trusted Advisor: Building on our aggregated history of serving hundreds of thousands of customers, the AWS Trusted Advisor program is a best practices auditing service that monitors a customer’s use of AWS services and automatically recommends configuration changes or new services that may save money, improve system performance, or close security gaps. AWS has built systems to regularly run best practice feature checks against a customer’s AWS environment to flag potential opportunities for improvement. AWS Trusted Advisor launches with 8 checks and additional ones will be continuously deployed throughout the year. A more detailed description of AWS Trusted Advisor can be found in Jeff Barr’s Blog.