Posted On: Jan 30, 2013

We are pleased to announce that Amazon Simple Workflow (SWF) is now available in seven additional AWS regions. In addition, you can also now use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to control permissions to SWF domains and APIs.

With domain-level permissions, you can control access to individual SWF domains you’ve defined such as development, QA, and production regions. For example, if you have an operations team that uses a web-based app to interact with automated workflows, you can now control which employees can view workflows and limit which employees may stop, start, or interrupt them. With API permissions you can control access to individual APIs within those domains. If your organization has workflows that operate on sensitive information, you can enforce a policy that makes sure only automated processes with the appropriate permissions can execute these workflows.

With the addition of seven new regions, you can help reduce latency and improve your applications’ performance by choosing to run Amazon SWF workflows in the AWS region that is closest to your users and processes. To learn more about all AWS offerings and locations, visit the AWS Global Infrastructure page.

To learn more about SWF, visit the the SWF page. To learn more about extended IAM functionality with SWF please read Jeff Barr's blog for an overview and our Developer Guide for details. To learn ore about IAM, visit the the IAM page.