Posted On: Jun 6, 2013

We are delighted to announce that CloudFormer now supports several additional AWS resources including Amazon VPC resources. CloudFormer is a tool for creating AWS CloudFormation templates from existing resources in your AWS account. AWS CloudFormation provides an easy way for creating and configuring collections of AWS resources.

The CloudFormer tool displays a list of your existing AWS resources and allows you to select the resources to create a CloudFormation template from. The new version of CloudFormer supports all resources currently supported by CloudFormation. Today, we introduced support for the following AWS resources:

  • Amazon VPC (VPC, Subnets, RouteTables, Routes, etc.)
  • Amazon CloudWatch Alarms
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon ElastiCache
  • Amazon SNS
  • Amazon S3 Bucket Policy
  • Amazon SQS Queue Policy
  • Amazon SNS Topic Policy

Moreover, CloudFormer now has an improved error handling and resource-level error messages. With these improvements, creating a CloudFormation template from existing resources is even simpler.

To learn more about CloudFormer, please visit the CloudFormer documentation. To learn more about AWS CloudFormation, please visit the AWS CloudFormation User Guide.