Posted On: Sep 18, 2013

We’re excited to let you know that you can now map a wildcard domain name to your Amazon CloudFront distribution. This feature makes it easy to serve multiple subdomains for a website from the same CloudFront distribution without having to modify the distribution to include each subdomain. For instance, you could serve,, and from the same CloudFront distribution by simply adding a Wildcard CNAME of *

Wildcard CNAMEs make it easier for you to use a wildcard SSL certificate with CloudFront’s custom SSL certificate feature. You can use the same wildcard domain name in your distribution’s configuration as is on the SSL certificate that you use with CloudFront. You can also use Amazon Route 53, the AWS DNS service, to map your wildcard domain to your CloudFront distribution by creating a Route 53 Alias record. Queries for alias records that are mapped to a CloudFront distribution are provided free of charge.

There is no additional fee for using this new feature with CloudFront. Getting started is easy – just use the AWS Management Console to configure a wildcard CNAME entry for a new or existing CloudFront distribution. More information about the Wildcard CNAME feature is available in the Amazon CloudFront Developer Guide or by visiting the Amazon CloudFront product page.