Posted On: Oct 15, 2013

We are excited to announce that Amazon CloudFront, AWS’s easy-to-use and cost-effective content delivery service, has expanded its capabilities to now allow you to upload content to your web servers. This release adds support for five additional HTTP methods, including POST, PUT, DELETE, OPTIONS and PATCH. This means you can improve the performance of dynamic websites that have web forms, comment and login boxes, “add to cart” buttons or other features that upload data from end users. It also means you can now use a single domain name to deliver your whole website through CloudFront thereby accelerating both the download and upload parts of your website.

You can use existing Amazon CloudFront distributions for upload requests by simply enabling support in the AWS management console. When end users upload content, CloudFront will send the upload request back to the origin web server (such as an Amazon S3 bucket, an Amazon EC2 instance, an Elastic Load Balancer, or your own origin server) over an optimized route that uses persistent connections, TCP/IP and network path optimizations.

There are no minimum usage commitments or long-term contracts to use CloudFront for uploading content. You simply pay for the data transfer and requests for what end users actually upload with the service. Data transfer prices for uploaded content are as much as 83% lower than the price for content downloads. Detailed pricing information is available on the Amazon CloudFront Pricing Page (see Regional Data Transfer Out to Origin table).

You can learn more about Amazon CloudFront’s support for these new HTTP methods by visiting the Amazon CloudFront Detail Page or by reading the Amazon CloudFront Developer Guide. You can also attend our webinar "Using Amazon CloudFront to Accelerate Your Static, Dynamic, and Interactive Content" on November 7, 2013 at 10AM PDT to learn more.