Posted On: Feb 20, 2014

AWS Data Pipeline is now supported in four additional regions as follows:

  • US West (Oregon) Region or us-west-2
  • EU (Ireland) Region or eu-west-1
  • Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region or ap-southeast-2
  • Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Region or ap-northeast-1

Even though AWS Data Pipeline was earlier based out of US East (Northern Virginia) Region or us-east-1, it always supported cross-region data flows. The new regions will help reduce the service latency and provide greater redundancy for customers. The pricing for new regions will be same as that for us-east-1.

AWS Data Pipeline helps customers move, integrate, and process data across AWS compute and storage resources, as well as customer’s on-premises resources. To get started with AWS Data Pipeline for free, visit the AWS Data Pipeline detail page.